Zoë Watson – Artists Statement

Creating art with imagination and purpose is instinctive for me. Inspired by people and nature, my contemporary work is a blend and style which is very distinct – the ultimate aim of which is to capture the imagination of the viewer within the colours and textures of the paintings. Art is a journey, and it is also a destination, but more importantly for me, it is indeed a passion.

I am known for painting the Heaven’s, you can purchase an original star constellation painting showing your star sign, all the Astrological signs are available, double constellation paintings are also available for couples and families. Please note that you can choose a colour theme for any particular constellation.

Each painting is completely individual, each stroke, each colour and texture is painted with feelings which I hope are expressed, and in some way touched by the person who is viewing my work. Art allows me to see and feel what other people want to see – quite literally by encouraging and bringing a piece of that person’s imagination to life.

To create unique paintings which stir feelings and opinion is the greatest reward of all.
A selection of work is here. All work is framed and mounted or boxed canvas, I work with Inks, Pastels Acrylics and other materials.